My name is Bernie Hillard. My wife and I moved here to Seminole, Florida in May 2014 from New Hampshire. That is also when I retired from the military after 27 years of service.

I began doing carpentry and other handyman work when I was in middle school. All through high school I majored in Building Trades at a local vocational school. Before entering the military, I built many homes and home additions as well as remodeled homes. All through my military career, I continued to do handyman work for a second income. I have over 30 years experience maintaining  homes.

I am not a licensed contractor because I am not interested in doing those types of large projects. I am connected with many professionals who are licensed electrical, plumbing and roofing contractors. Just ask me, I will refer the best appropriate professional for the right job. For the work you need done that does not require a license, I am your man.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you take care of and maintain your prize possession...your home.

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